Performance, Speed, and Power

 Bikers PHD offers a very comprehensive list of services for just about  every square inch of your Harley, in fact when dealers and even other  shops can’t fix it, they send it to US! Everything we do is done in  house with a staff that has a combined 95 years of experience, and  counting. With so much customizing equipment in our shop there is very  little we can’t handle, with the only exception being paint and body  work. If PERFORMANCE, SPEED AND POWER are what you’re all about, then we  are your total solution.  We specialize in:

Service on Twin Cam, Evo & Shovel

Head Porting

Engine Repair/Engine

Premium 3 Angle Valve Job

Racing Valve Job

Mill Heads

Modify Combustion Chamber

CC Heads

Flow Bench Testing Flow

Intake Manifold Porting

Bore/Hone Cylinders W/ Torque Plates

Rod Rebuilding

Flywheel Balancing

Case Boring

Complete Lower End Service

General Service & Repair

Service on Evo & Shovel

Breather Bore Repair

Service on Shovel

Dual Plug

Service on Twin Cam & Evo

Machine for Compression Releases

Custom Made Bronze Guides

Service on Twin Cam

Timken Bearing Conversion

Don’t see the service you are specifically looking for? Not to worry,  just call or email us today and let our Harley experts answer your  questions and get you on the right open road towards a customized  solution!