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Bikers PHD has existed since 1994 for a singular purpose:

To help Harley riders ensure that their bikes will
run smoother, go faster and last longer, period!

It’s a company that recognizes that owning a Harley encompasses a lifestyle that thrives on performance, is passionate about the growl of a finely tuned engine and loves the freedom that comes from opening up the throttle and enjoying the open road.

It’s because of these facts that owner, Gary Cave, has filled his business with people that not only work on bikes, but that are Harley riders themselves because who would know better how to optimize the performance of a client’s bike than people that live to get the most out of their own?

From custom head work and cylinder boring to engine repairs or even complete overhauls, Bikers PHD has the experts on staff to take your Harley to the next level so it becomes even more a reflection of YOU, and so you can get out there and do what you really want to be doing…RIDE.

Harley Motorcycle Did You Know
Gary Cave


Gary is what is known affectionately as a genuine “Speed Freak”. Motorcycles have been his passion from the moment he was a kid and, out of a need to tinker, he took his dad’s bike apart in their garage. After the yelling subsided, he put the bike back together and when it never ran better or faster he was hooked on coaxing the best out of his own and other people’s rides.


Tony worked for over 20 years at a Harley dealership before coming to Bikers PHD, and has had extensive training in many disciplines from the Harley Davidson Motor Company. He started riding at the tender age of 5, and simply never stopped. He loves working in a smaller shop because it gives him the ability to work one on one with customers in a hands on manner to help them more effectively enjoy their passion for the Harley brand.


Vinnie is a factory trained Master Technician, there isn’t much he hasn’t seen when it comes to fixing up and riding motorcycles. We think of him as our in house shovelhead guru and drag bike aficionado.


Star is the official Bikers PHD shop dog, and she wears MANY hats around the office. She’s a very spoiled yellow lab that works security, especially as a ride along for bank runs, and in her spare time is our only certified biscuit collector.

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